Piano theory, technique, and performance fundamentals

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My Background

I have been teaching music for 32 years, both privately and in the school system.  I am a member of the Music Teacher's National Association, Music Teacher's Association of Charles County, and am the chairperson for the National Guild Of Piano Teachers in Charles County.


Sharing my Passion

I am a strong believer that everyone should be able to have a life of music. That's why I became a teacher. Whether you're a just a beginner or an advanced student needing guidance, let's explore music together!


My Classes

I teach all levels and all ages.  I call my beginning students my Twinklers, as they learn to read notes, study rhythm and learn the basics of music performance.  Next, are my Starlighters--my intermediate students-- who build on their understanding of music theory, technique and performance.  And finally, there are the  Moonbeams--these are the students who have been consistently playing for 5 years or more, and have progressed through dedication and hard practice into an advanced level of musicianship.